Cloudcast — Improving the experience of podcast listening, a UX case study

Brief: To design a podcast mobile app that can bring even more utility to the user than a book ever could.

Note: The following case study is part of a design challenge.

💻 Figma File

The problem

Podcasting and audiobook is a growing industry with limitless potential. But how do we bring the same experience of reading a book to an audio-based listening platform?

“If you’re reading, it’s pretty easy to go back and find the point at which you zoned out. It’s not so easy if you’re listening to a recording” | Time Magazine

“Podcasts might be a useful tool to…

Interviewing users

The idea of unravelling a complete stranger’s experience and thoughts in a 45-minute user interview session can be quite daunting, especially to Designers like myself who are new to user research. When I was first given the task to interview my first user, I remember how nervous I was thinking about all the things that could go wrong in the session.

What if I run out of questions midway? What if the stranger doesn’t feel comfortable sharing their story with me? What if I needed a toilet break?

I’ve done a fair bit of interviewing in bootcamp but they…

Note: This is the second part of my career progression into the UX industry as a graphic designer. The first part can be viewed here.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Having completed 2 out 3 projects from my bootcamp, I was eager to start preparing and sending out resumes in hopes to land a job before my course ends. This was a challenge as I always believed that I needed all 3 of my case studies to be ready before I can begin this process.

With only 2 case studies ready, is this achievable? …

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Completing a part-time bootcamp takes hard work and serious commitment. But with good time management skills, you can get on top of this.

A part-time course typically last for 6 months and will require 8–10 hours a week of your time to complete. Here are some tips that can help you complete the course without compromising your job:

1. Be connected with your cohort 🤝

There’s nothing more depressing than studying an online bootcamp after work hours all by yourself. A bootcamp is designed for you to be connected with others who are on the same journey such as yourself, so it would be wise to network…

Note: This is a documentation of my career progression into the UX industry as a graphic designer and is a work in progress.

Photo by tirzavandijk on Unsplash
Photo by tirzavandijk on Unsplash

If there’s one good thing that came out of COVID, it would be me questioning myself if I was content and fulfilled being a Graphic Designer. I have been doing Graphic Design for over 10 years now, where do I go from here?

Most of my designer friends were already Product Designers, a term which I was unfamiliar with at that time. After some research, I quickly realised that UX Design is what I was meant to…

Brian Foong

👋 I’m a Melbourne based UX/UI Designer, exploring the wonders of user-centered design.

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